Friday, May 29, 2009

1976 Topps #95 - Brooks Robinson

  • There isn't much to be said about Brooks Robinson that hasn't already been said. He was a heck of a third baseman for a LONG time with the Baltimore Orioles. When I was a kid I liked getting the cards of guys who had a lot of stat lines on the backs (as long as it didn't say major and minor league batting record).

  • Brooks didn't play high school baseball and was discovered while playing second base for a church baseball team.

  • Here is a Sports Illustrated article written about his offensive woes toward the end of his career.

  • Here is his official site.


  1. This (along with the Pete Rose card) was one of my first '76 Topps cards. Being a huge Mike Schmidt fan growing up, I wanted to find out about this Brooks Robinson guy people were always comparing him to. I found out it was a pretty good comparison!

  2. I remember going to a card show in 1981 or 1982 and my dad bought me this card because it was Brooks Robinson. I had no idea who he was at the time and got the full explantion. Still have this card.

  3. Brooks is a great guy. I can't figure out what he's doing in this card. It either looks like the sun's in his eyes or he's laughing with someone out of the picture while playing catch.