Wednesday, April 8, 2009

1976 Topps #32 - Danny Frisella

The thing I remember the most about Danny Frisella is that he died in a dune buggy accident on January 1, 1977 outside of Phoenix. His obituary is here. His ashes were scattered on his duck hunting property near Oroville, CA. It was kind of creepy getting his 1977 card in a pack.
Danny was a solid reliever for 10 years, compiling a record of 34-40 with a 3.34 ERA and 57 saves. Danny didn't pitch for the Padres in 1976. He started the year with the Cardinals and finished with the Brewers. He had one of his better seasons in 1976 (5-2, 10 saves, 3.12 ERA). His best season was probably with the Mets in 1971 (8-5, 1.99, 12 saves).


  1. Frisella was one of those cards that we hated to get when we were kids, although it was his '75 card, not the '76 card. He was probably one of 7 or 8 cards that we just cringed when we got the card.

    There's probably a post in there somewhere.

  2. Seems like I got that '75 card a lot too!