Thursday, March 26, 2009

1976 Topps #19 - George Brett

George Brett had a great season in 1976. He won the AL batting title with a .333 average and appeared in the first of his 13 straight All-Star games. He was second in MVP voting. He played a big part in the Royals' first division title.

I noticed that although he finished his career with 3154 hits, he had over 200 hits in a season only twice (215 in 1976 and 212 in 1979). I thought that was a little strange, so I checked all of the 3000-hit men to see how many 200-hit seasons they had.

Out of the 27 players who had 3000 or more hits, 14 of them had two or fewer seasons of 200+ hits. I guess it isn't as strange as I thought. (I made a nice table with the player, # of hits, and # of 200-hit seasons, but I couldn't get it to format properly in here) :(


  1. Brett got a ton of walks and that cut down on the number of hits he had.

    This is a good card, but it isn't my favorite 1976 Brett card. If you haven't seen it, wait until you get his SSPC checklist card with Al Cowens.

  2. i think i have it but it is signed...will probably take it out of your price range....

  3. One of the last cards I needed to complete the '76 set.