Some of the Top Cards of 1976

Saturday, November 27, 2010

1976 Topps #628 - John D'Acquisto

  • John D'Aquisto pitched in the majors from 1973-1982. John was a first round draft choice of the San Francisco Giants in 1970. D'Acquisto had a 100 mph fastball when he started his career.  D'Acquisto pitched in the minors from 1970-1973 and earned a chance at the majors when he was 16-12 with a 3.57 ERA in AAA Phoenix in 1973. John was 1-1 with a 3.58 ERA in 7 games (3 starts) for the Giants at the end of the 1973 season.
  • D'Acquisto was a starting pitcher for the Giants in 1974 and was 12-14 with a 3.57 ERA. John hurt his arm throwing one of his fastballs, damaged his nerves,and missed most of the 1975 season. He ended up 2-4 with a 10.29 ERA in 10 games (6 starts) in 1975.
  • John struggled for the Giants in 1976. He was 3-8 with a 5.35 ERA in 28 games (19 starts) during the season. After the 1976 season D'Acquisto was traded with Mike Caldwell to the St. Louis Cardinals for John Curtis, Willie Crawford, and Vic Harris.
  • D'Acquisto was with the Cardinals for a short time in 1977 -- he started two games and had a 4.32 ERA. On May 17 he and Pat Scanlon were traded to the San Diego Padres for Butch Metzger. John was up and down between AAA and the Padres for the rest of the 1977 season. He had a 1-2 record with a 6.95 ERA in 17 games (12 starts) for the Padres in 1977.
  • The Padres used John mostly as a reliever in 1978 and he had a good year. D'Acquisto was 4-3 with 10 saves and a 2.13 ERA in 45 games (3 starts).
  • John didn't have a real good year in 1979. He was 9-13 with a 4.92 ERA in 51 games (11 starts). D'Acquisto started the 1980 season with San Diego and was 2-3 with a 3.76 ERA in 39 games. On August 11 John was traded with cash to the Montreal Expos for Randy Bass. D'Acquisto was 0-2 with 2 saves in 11 games and had a 2.18 ERA for the Expos in 1980. 
  • After the 1980 season D'Acquisto became a free agent and signed a 4-year $1.2 contract with the California Angels. John pitched in six games (0-0, 10.71 ERA) for the Angels in 1981. He also pitched for AAA Salt Lake City in 1981 and had an 8.32 ERA in 18 starts. 
  • John was released at the end of spring training in 1982. He signed with the Atlanta Braves and pitched for a couple of months for AAA Richmond but was released by the Braves in July. D'Acquisto was picked up by the Oakland A's, pitched for a short time for AAA Tacoma, then pitched in 11 games (0-1, 5.29 ERA) for the A's at the end of the 1982 season. John pitched in AA (edit: it was actually for the AAA Denver club in the White Sox organization -- see comments) for the Chicago White Sox in 1983 but retired after pitching in six games.
  • He also pitched in the Senior Professional League in 1989 and in 1990.
  • After his playing career John became an investment banker but he had his license revoked after being sentenced to 63 months in prison after being convicted of investment fraud. It was later found that D'Acquisto was used by others and set up. Here is a site where John tells his side of the story. The other people are now serving time in prison. John has since earned a doctorate in Exercise Science and Physiology.



  1. John pitched in AA for the Chicago White Sox in 1983 but retired after pitching in six games. This is incorrect I played for the Denver Bears 1983 which was Triple AAA not double AA 1983 Denver Amer 31 AAA chw 0 3 9.53 6 3 1 0 1 0 17.0 31 20 18 2 10 10 2 2.41 16.4 1.1 5.3 5.3 came back in 1989 with the Senior League in Florida playing with the Port St. Lucie Stars and Bradenton Explorers

  2. Thanks for the correction -- I mistook the AA in the 1983 stat line on baseball reference for "AA" level. The "AA" was actually the league--American Association.