Some of the Top Cards of 1976

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We interrupt your regular programming....

Here's a cool story about baseball cards that was on NPR. It got me to thinking about what will happen to my collection when I eventually go away. I have one nephew that is interested in baseball cards, but he lives in North Carolina and I live in Arizona. It would cost a bundle for someone to ship them across the country. This is going to take some thought.....

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  1. Cool story! This is exactly why I still hang on to - and refuse to dispose of - my junk wax era cards. They bring back so many memories of after school trips to the drug store with dad, trading in the back yard with my brother, dumping all of my Jack Clarks off on my friend in exchange for his Darryl Strawberrys, getting enough change from my mom to buy a pack of 1992 Topps from the vending maching at Giant... I could go on and on.