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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1976 Topps #437 - Terry Forster

  • Terry Forster was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in 1970. He went 6-1 with a 1.33 ERA in the minors in 1970 and made the White Sox club in 1971 when he was 19 years old. White Sox manager and pitching coach Johnny Sain were enthusiastic about the young pitcher. Terry pitched in 45 games (3 starts) for the White Sox in 1971 and was 2-3 with a 3.99 ERA.
  • Forster had a good year as the White Sox closer in 1972. He went 6-5 with a 2.25 ERA and 29 saves. Terry Forster: The Lolipop Kid - December 1972 Baseball Digest.
  • In 1973 Terry was used both as a starter and a reliever. He pitched in 51 games (12 starts) and was 6-11 with 16 saves and a 3.23 ERA. Forster returned to his relief role (except for one spot start) in 1974 and led the AL with 24 saves. Terry was 7-8 with a 3.62 ERA in 59 games for the White Sox in '74.
  • Forster had injury problems in 1975. He made 17 appearances, only two after May 23, and was 3-3 with four saves and a 2.19 ERA. In 1976 Terry had a tough year, going 2-12 with a 4.37 ERA in 29 games (16 starts). He had recurring arm problems and his weight had also gotten too high.
  • After the 1976 season he and Goose Gossage were traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Richie Zisk and Silvio Martinez. Terry was reunited with former manager Tanner in Pittsburgh and Tanner was glad to have Terry back. Forster went 6-4 with a 4.43 ERA in his only year with the Pirates. After the 1977 season Forster became a free agent and signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • Terry was a valuable part of the Los Angeles bullpen in 1978. He made 47 appearances and was 5-2 with 22 saves and a 1.93 ERA. Terry pitched the 10th inning of game 4 of the NLCS and was the winning pitcher. He pitched in three games in the World Series without a decision.
  • In 1979 Terry had injury problems again. He didn't pitch until May 25 and didn't pitch after August 4. Forster appeared in 17 games and was 1-2 with two saves and a 5.51 ERA. Terry also didn't pitch very much in 1980 -- he made four July appearances and five September appearances. He was 0-0 with a 3.09 ERA in 11.2 innings.
  • Terry came back in 1981 to contribute to the Dodgers' world championship. He didn't do a whole lot in the regular season (0-1, 4.11 ERA in 21 games). He made one appearance in the NLDS, one in the NLCS, and two in the World Series and allowed no runs in a total of 2.2 innings.
  • Forster made 56 appearances in 1982 and went 5-6 with three saves and a 3.04 ERA. After the 1982 season Terry became a free agent and signed with the Atlanta Braves.
  • Terry pitched well for the Braves in 1983, going 3-2 with 13 saves and a 2.16 ERA in 56 games. Forster had injury problems again in 1984 -- he missed five weeks from late June to early August and didn't pitch after August 10. He pitched in 25 games and was 2-0 with 5 saves and a 2.70 ERA. Terry came back in 1985 with a 2-3 record and 2.28 ERA in 46 games.
  • Forster didn't make the Braves club in 1986 and was released at the end of spring training. Terry was signed by the California Angels. He pitched in four games for AAA Edmonton and then pitched in 41 games for the Angels. Terry went 4-1 with five saves and a 3.51 ERA. Forster wasn't used in the 1986 ALCS.
  • Forster became a free agent after the 1986 season. He was signed by the Minnesota Twins on June 15. He pitched in 13 games for Minnesota's AAA Portland club but retired after posting a 7.27 ERA.
  • During his time with the Braves Forster gained noteriety for his weight. He weighed about 270 lbs during this time. David Letterman referred to Terry as a "fat tub of goo" on one of his shows. Terry later appeared on the show and recorded a novelty song, "Fat is In."
  • Forster had a lifetime .397 batting average, which was the highest for any pitcher who pitched for over 15 years in the majors.
  • Liked to face: Tommy Davis/Bill Freehan (.059 in 17 AB); Tom Grieve (.063 in 16 AB)
  • Hated to face: Carlton Fisk (.636 in 11 AB); Sal Bando (.480 in 25 AB); Frank Robinson (.455 in 22 AB)

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  1. I remember the "Fat Is In" song he recorded. Heard it on the radio when I was a kid. Dying to find a copy of it. I can't believe it's not on the internet.