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Friday, May 21, 2010

1976 Topps #446 - Larry Haney

  • Topps really had a hard time coming up with career highlights for this card. "Played 3 games at 3rd base, 1974." Wow.
  • Larry Haney was signed by the Baltimore Orioles in 1961. Larry played in the minors from 1961-1966. He played in only three games in 1964 -- he may have been injured or in the military.
  • Haney came up in late July of 1966. He batted .161 in 20 games. Larry played in 58 games in 1967 and batted .268. He batted .236 in 38 games in 1968. After the 1968 season Haney was taken by the Seattle Pilots in the expansion draft.
  • Haney batted .254 in 22 games for the Pilots in 1969 before being traded to the Oakland A's for John Donaldson on June 14. He batted .151 in 53 games for the A's to finish the 1969 season.
  • Larry spent most of his time from 1970-1973 in the minor leagues. He played in 2 games (.000 in 2 AB) for the A's in 1970 and didn't play in the majors at all in 1971. Haney was 0 for 1 in one game for the A's in 1972 and was sold to the San Diego Padres on May 30. Larry was in the minors until he was reacquired by the A's on September 6. Haney went 0 for 3 in four games with the A's at the end of the 1972 season.
  • Haney went 1 for 2 in two games for the A's early in the 1973 season. He was in the minors for most of the 1973 season. The A's sold Haney to the St. Louis Cardinals on September 1. Larry went 0 for 1 in two games for the Cardinals late in 1973.
  • Larry was sold to the A's during spring training in 1974. This was his third stint with the ballclub. This time Haney stayed with the major league club for the entire season. Larry batted .165 in 76 games in 1974. He appeared in two games in the 1974 World Series but didn't have an at bat.
  • Haney batted .192 in 27 at bats in 1975. He played in 47 games, mostly as a defensive replacement. Larry batted .226 in 88 games in 1976. After the 1976 season Haney was sold to the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Larry batted .228 in 63 games for the Brewers in 1977. Haney didn't make the ballclub in 1978 and was released during spring training. Larry became the bullpen coach and was activated when the rosters were expanded on September 1. Haney went 1 for 5 in four games and retired as a player after the 1978 season.
  • Haney continued as the bullpen coach until 1989. He was the Brewers' pitching coach in 1990 and 1991. He worked for the Brewers club in various positions until he retired in 2006. Larry has a son (Chris) who pitched in the majors.

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