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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blog Bat-Around -- If I were the next commissioner

Indians Baseball Cards has a blog bat-around goingThe topic: With Bud Selig supposedly retiring in 2012 (and assuming the end of the world doesn't follow soon afterward), if YOU were asked to become the next Baseball Commissioner, what would you do?  What changes would you like to make, what things would you leave as-is, what would you like to see as your legacy when your retirement time came?

1. Abolish interleague play. The novelty has worn off and the scheduling is too inequitable. League leaders no longer have much meaning since not all of the games are played within the leagues.

2. Expansion. I would expand to 32 teams in order to have two 16-team leagues. Put a third team in the New York area and find someplace to put the second team (perhaps somewhere in Canada, somewhere in Latin America, or somewhere in the western U.S.

3. Realignment. I would do one of the following realignments:

  • Four 8-team divisions. 
    • Each team would play 16 games (112 total) against each team in its own division and six games (48 total) against each team in the other division. 
    • It would be a 160-game season. 
    • Four teams would make the playoffs in each league -- the division winners and the second place team in each division.
  • Eight four-team divisions.
    • Each team would play 30 games (90 total) against teams in its own division and six games (72 total) against each team in the other three divisions. 
    • This would be a 162-game season. 
    • Only division winners would advance to the playoffs.
If these changes were to come about, that would be enough of a legacy.

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