Some of the Top Cards of 1976

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1976 Topps #570 - George Hendrick

  • George Hendrick played in the majors from 1971-1988. George was the #1 draft pick of the Oakland A's (and the first player taken) in 1968. Hendrick played in the minors from 1968-1971 and got a chance with the A's in June 1971. George batted .237 in 42 games for the A's in 1971.
  • In 1972 George was with the A's for the whole season except for an eight-game stint in AAA Iowa. Hendrick batted .182 in 58 games for the A's in 1972. George played in all five games in the 1972 ALCS and batted .143 in seven at bats. In the 1972 World Series George went 2 for 15 (.133) in five games. After the 1972 season Hendrick was traded with Dave Duncan to the Cleveland Indians for Ray Fosse and Jack Heidemann.
  • George was given the starting CF job in 1973 and batted .268 with 21 HR and 61 RBI. Three Straight Homers  - Rarer Than No-Hitter -  November 1973 Baseball Digest. In 1974 Hendrick was selected to the AL All Star team. He played center field after starter Bobby Murcer had two at bats. Hendrick went 1 for 2 in the game. George batted .279 with 19 HR and 67 RBI in 1974.
  • Hendrick was an AL All Star again in 1975. He entered the game as a pinch runner and stole a base. He then scored a run, stayed in the game in right field, and went 1 for 1. George batted .258 with 24 HR and 86 RBI for the Indians in 1975.
  • George batted .265 with 25 HR and 81 RBI in 1976. After the 1976 season Hendrick was traded to the San Diego Padres for John Grubb, Hector Torres, and Fred Kendall. The Indians expected Hendrick to play out his option and become a free agent so they traded him to get some value for him.
  • Hendrick played one full season and part of a second season with the Padres. In 1977 George batted .311 with 23 HR and 81 RBI. Hendrick was batting .243 with three home runs in 36 games when he was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals on May 26 for Eric Rasmussen. George batted .288 with 17 HR and 67 RBI for the Padres to finish the 1978 season.
  •  George moved over to right field in 1979 and batted .300 with 16 HR and 79 RBI. In 1980 Hendrick had his best year. He batted .302 with 25 HR and 109 RBI. Hendrick was 8th in NL  MVP voting, won the silver slugger award in right field, and made  his third NL All Star team (he played CF and went 1 for 2 with an RBI).
  • Hendrick batted .284 with 18 HR and 61 RBI in 101 games during the 1981 strike season. George batted .282 with 19 HR and 104 RBI in 1982 as the Cardinals won the World Championship. Hendrick batted .308 in three games in the 1982 NLCS and batted .321 in seven games in the 1982 World Series.
  • George made his fourth and final NL All Star team in 1983 (he didn't play in the game) and won a silver slugger award at first base. Hendrick batted a career-high .318, hit 18 home runs, and had 97 RBI.
  • Hendrick's production slipped in 1984. He didn't play after September 4 and batted .277 with nine HR and 69 RBI in 120 games. After the 1984 season George was traded with a  minor leaguer to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Brian Harper and John Tudor.
  • George batted .230 in 69 games for the Pirates in 1985. On August 2 he was traded with John Candelaria and Al Holland to the California Angels for Mike Brown, Pat Clements, and Bob Kipper. Hendrick batted .122 in 16 games for the Angels in 1985.
  • In 1986 Hendrick played mostly in right field and also saw action in CF, at 1B, and at DH. George batted .272 with 14 HR and 47 RBI in 102 games in 1986. Hendrick played in three games in the 1986 ALCS and went 1 for 12 (.083).
  • George was a part-time player in his last two seasons in California. In 1987 he batted .241 in 65 games and in 1988 he batted .244 in 69 games. Hendrick retired after the 1988 season.
  • Hendrick didn't speak to the press very much, but he was well-liked by fans and teammates in St. Louis.
  • After his playing career George coached for various major and minor league clubs. He was a first base coach, outfield coach, and hittting coach during his coaching career. Hendrick is now the first base coach and outfield coach for the Tampa Bay Rays.
  • Liked to face: Steve Carlton (.345 in 110 AB); Mark Langston (.515 in 33 AB); Craig Swan (.429 in 42 AB)
  • Hated to face: Elias Sosa (.063 in 16 AB); Greg Minton (.105 in 19 AB); Gaylord Perry (.120 in 25 AB)


  1. That has to be Gamble over his left shoulder.

  2. Yeah -- I checked Baseball Reference and Mr. Gamble did wear #23 in 1975. This is one of the cooler "posed" cards of the set.