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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1976 Topps #500 - Reggie Jackson

  • Reggie! Reggie! Reggie! I think that's the first time I heard a chant for one player in a game. Most people either loved or hated him, and some people (like me) liked and disliked him at the same time. 
  • Reggie Jackson played for Arizona State University and was drafted by the Kansas City A's in 1966. He spent two years in the minors and was called up to the A's in mid-1967. Reggie didn't do much for the A's in 1967 (.178, 1 HR, 6 RBI in 118 at bats) but was given the starting right field job in 1968.
  • The A's moved to Oakland in 1968 and Reggie did well. He led the AL in strikeouts with 171 -- he would lead the league five times -- but he batted .250 with 29 HR and 74 RBI in "The Year of the Pitcher." 
  • Jackson had one of his best seasons in 1969, batting .275 with 47 HR, 118  RBI, and a league-leading 123 runs scored. Reggie Jackson - Baseball's Next Super-Star? - August 1969 Baseball Digest. How Williams Views Reggie As A Hitter -  November 1969 Baseball Digest. After the 1969 season Reggie had the first of several salary disputes with A's owner Charlie Finley. Commissioner Bowie Kuhn intervened, but the dispute affected  Jackson and he had an off year in 1970 (.237, 23 HR, 66  RBI).
  • Reggie bounced back in 1971 with what would become a typical Jackson year (.265, 32 HR, 80 RBI). He was 4 for 12 with two home runs in the 1971 ALCS. In 1972 Reggie batted .265 with 25 HR and 75 RBI. He batted .278 in the 1972 ALCS and stole home to score the tying run in the decisive fifth game. Jackson tore a hamstring during the play and had to miss the World Series. Reggie Jackson: He Dared the A's to Win - January 1973 Baseball Digest.
  • Jackson was the AL MVP in 1973. He batted .293 and led the AL with 32 HR, 117 RBI, a .531 slugging percentage, and 99 runs scored. Reggie batted only .143 in the ALCS but he batted .310 and was the MVP in the 1973 World Series. When The Real Reggie Jackson Stood Up... - January 1974 Baseball Digest.
  • Jackson batted .289 with 29 HR and 93 RBI in 1974. He batted .167 in the ALCS and helped the A's to their third straight title by batting .286 in the World Series. In 1975 Reggie batted .253 with 104 RBI and a league-leading 36 HR. Jackson batted .417 in the ALCS but the A's were swept by the Boston Red Sox.
  • Finley knew that he wouldn't be able to sign Jackson when he was due to become a free agent after the 1976 season, so Jackson, Ken Holtzman, and a minor leaguer were traded to the Baltimore Orioles for Don Baylor, Mike Torrez, and Paul Mitchell. Jackson played for the Orioles in 1976 and batted .277 with 27 HR and 91 RBI. It was the only season between 1971 and 1984 in which Reggie wasn't an AL All Star. After the 1976 season Jackson signed a five-year, $2.9 million contract with the New York Yankees.
  • Jackson had been wearing #9 with the A's, but Graig Nettles had the number for the Yankees. Reggie switched to #44 and both numbers are now retired by the respective teams. Jackson didn't get along with manager Billy Martin and they had several run-ins. The most notable run-in was during a nationally televised game in 1977 when Martin pulled Jackson out of the game in the middle of an inning for not hustling after a batted ball. Martin lunged at Jackson in the Yankee dugout and had to be restrained by coaches Yogi Berra and Elston Howard. The scene was shown on television, much to the delight of the Red Sox fans. Reggie also got himself in trouble with teammates for the infamous "straw that stirs the drink" quote. Even with all of the swirling controversy, Reggie batted .286 with 32 HR and 110 RBI as the Yankees won the World Championship. Jackson batted only .125 in the ALCS but batted .450 with 5 HR in the World Series (including the famous three home runs in game 6) and won the World Series MVP for the second time.
  • Jackson had a candy bar (REGGIE!) named after him in 1978. He batted .274 with 27 HR and 94 RBI and helped the Yankees to their second straight World Championship. Reggie batted .462 with two HR in the ALCS and .391 with two HR in the World Series. Even As A Runner, Reggie Jackson Attracts Attention - January 1979 Baseball Digest.
  • Reggie batted .297 with 29 HR and 89 RBI in 1979. He finished second to George Brett in MVP voting in 1980 and batted .300 with 41 HR and 111 RBI. Reggie batted .273 as the Kansas City Royals swept the Yankees in the 1980 ALCS.
  • Jackson had an off-year in 1981 and batted .237 with 15 HR and 54 RBI. Reggie was having difficulties with Steinbrenner during the season (it was the final year of his contract). He batted .300 with two HR in the 1981 ALDS but hurt himself running the bases during the ALCS and missed most of that series and the first two games of the World Series. Reggie was cleared to play in game 3 of the World Series but was held out of the lineup by manager Bob Lemon (apparently under orders from Steinbrenner). Jackson played in the last three games of the World Series and batted .333 with a home run. After the season Reggie signed a five-year contract with the California Angels.
  • Jackson helped the Angels to the AL West title in 1982 by batting .275 with 101 RBI and a league-leading 39 HR. Reggie batted .111 with 1 HR in the ALCS.
  • Reggie had his toughest season in 1983, batting .194 with 14 HR and 49 RBI in 116 games. In 1984 he batted .223 with 25 HR and 81 RBI and in 1985 Jackson batted .252 with 27 HR and 85 RBI. On September 17, 1984 Jackson hit his 500th home run off of Bud Black of the Royals.
  • The Angels won the AL West in 1986. Reggie batted .241 with 18 HR and 58 RBI during the regular season and .192 in the ALCS. Critics Taint the Glory Days of Reggie Jackson - August 1986 Baseball Digest. After the 1986 season Jackson signed a one-year contract with the A's.
  • Reggie finished his career in 1987 by batting .220 with 15 HR and 43 RBI. Reggie Jackson Left A Special Imprint on the Game - November 1987 Baseball Digest. Jackson ended up with 563 career home runs and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1993. Reggie Jackson: He Produced Best When in the Spotlight - April 1993 Baseball Digest.
  • Reggie did various announcing jobs and had a few cameo acting appearances after his playing career. He parlayed his interest in classic cars into a string of auto dealerships in California. He also is a big trader in sports memorabilia. He is now a special assistant for the New York Yankees.
  • Reggie's official website.
  • Jackson was in 14 All Star games. His record in these games is as follows:
    • 1969 0-2 with a BB (starting CF)
    • 1971 1-1, HR, 2 RBI (pinch hitter)
    • 1972 2-4, double (starting RF)
    • 1973 1-4, double, RBI (starting RF)
    • 1974 0-3, BB, 2 SO (starting RF)
    • 1975 1-3, 2 SO (starting RF)
    • 1977 1-2, SO (starting RF)
    • 1978 (on the team but didn't play)
    • 1979 0-1, BB (PH / RF)
    • 1980 1-2, BB, SO (starting RF)
    • 1981 0-1 (starting RF)
    • 1982 0-1, RBI, sac fly (starting RF)
    • 1983 (on the team but did not play)
    • 1984 0-2, SO (starting RF)
  • Liked to face: Jim Slaton (.333 with 7 HR in 66 AB); Jerry Augustine (.302, 6 HR in 43 AB); Clyde Wright (.315 with 6 HR in 73 AB)
  • Hated to face: Rich Hand (.000 in 16 AB); Aurelio Lopez (.043 in 23 AB); Bret Saberhagen (.065 in 31 AB)

REGGIE! bar commercial:


  1. I was excited to see this one come up. Love this card.

  2. Like the freak I am, this is one card that I can look at for hours. The light from the sun was even different back in 1975. I notice the skies, clouds and shading in several BB sets like 1972-1977. Good year by Reggie with all those doubles.