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Sunday, July 11, 2010

1976 Topps #491 - Terry Crowley

  • Terry Crowley was a major leaguer from 1969-1983. Crowley was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in 1966. He played in the minors from 1966-1969 and was brought up to the Orioles in September 1969 after batting .282 with 28 home runs for AAA Rochester. Terry went 6 for 18 in seven games for the Orioles at the end of the 1969 season.
  • Crowley was a pinch hitter and extra outfielder in 1970. He batted .257 with 5 HR and 20 RBI in 152 at bats in 1970. Terry wasn't used in the ALCS and was 0 for 1 in the World Series.
  • Terry was in the minors for most of the 1971 season. He batted .174 in 23 at bats for the Orioles in 1971 and wasn't on the postseason roster. In 1972 Crowley batted .231 with 11 HR and 29 RBI in 247 at bats in 1972.
  • When the DH came to the American League in 1973 the Orioles envisioned Crowley in that role. He didn't hit very well in 1973 (.206, 3 HR, 15 RBI in 131 AB) and the Orioles used Tommy Davis as the DH. In the 1973 ALCS Terry was 0 for 2 in two pinch hitting appearances. After the 1973 season Crowley was sold to the Texas Rangers. During spring training in 1974 the Rangers sold Terry to the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Crowley was mostly a pinch hitter during his two seasons in Cincinnati. In 1974 Terry batted .240 in 125 at bats and in 1975 he batted .268 in 71 at bats. Terry didn't bat in the 1975 NLCS and was 1 for 2 in the World Series. During spring training in 1976 Crowley was traded to the Atlanta Braves for Mike Thompson.
  • Terry played for the Braves for about six weeks. He was 0 for 6 with a sacrifice fly in seven pinch hitting appearances. On May 6 Crowley was released by the Braves. Terry signed with the Orioles on May 26 and split time between the Orioles and Rochester. Crowley batted .246 in 61 AB for the Orioles in 1976. Terry was released during spring training in 1977 but resigned by the Orioles in mid-April. He was with Rochester for most of the season and batted .308 with 30 HR. Terry batted .364 in 23 AB at the end of the 1977 season.
  • Crowley batted .253 in 93 AB in 1978, mostly as a pinch hitter and DH. That would be the role Terry would have for the rest of his career. In 1979 Crowley batted .317 in 63 at bats. Terry was 1 for 2 in the 1979 ALCS  and 1 for 4 in the World Series.
  • Terry was a platoon DH in 1980 and batted .288 with 12 HR and 50 RBI in 233 at bats. In 1981 Crowley batted .246 in 134 at bats and in 1982 he batted .237 in 93 at bats. 
  • During spring training in 1983 Crowley was released by the Orioles. He signed with the Montreal Expos in late May. Terry batted .182 in 44 at bats for the Expos and was released after the season. Crowley is tied with Denny Walling for 13th on the all-time list with 108 pinch hits.
  • After his retirement as an active player Terry became a hitting coach. He was the hitting coach for the Baltimore Orioles from 1985-1988 and for the Minnesota Twins from 1991-1998. Crowley was rehired as the hitting coach by the Orioles in 1999 and has been in that position ever since.
  • Liked to face: Bruce Kison (.600 in 10 AB); Skip Lockwood (.467 in 15 AB); Mike Torrez (.444 in 18 AB)
  • Hated to face: Jim Perry/Matt Keough (.000 in 11 AB); Mike Marshall (.077 in 13 AB)

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