Monday, May 9, 2011

1976 Kellogg's #6 - Clay Carroll

  • What did he do to deserve a Kellogg's card? Carroll had been the relief ace of the Reds for several years. This is kind of a "lifetime achievement" award.  In 1975 Clay was more of a setup man in Sparky Anderson's deep bullpen.
  • 1976 Highlights
    • As indicated on the card, Carroll had been traded to the Chicago White Sox before the 1976 season. 
    • Clay pitched well for Chicago in 1976, going 4-4 with six saves and a 2.56 ERA in 26 games.
    • Missed the entire month of July after fracturing his right hand in an accident at  home.


  1. Isn't there a variation of this card with the back team being the Reds?

  2. yes there was -- I don't know which one is more rare --- probably the Reds one since I don't have it