Monday, May 30, 2011

1976 Kellogg's #39 - Von Joshua

  • What did he do to deserve a 1976 Kellogg's card?
    • After several ho-hum years as a backup outfielder for the Dodgers, Von moved over to the Giants and batted .318 with 25 doubles and 10 triples in 1975
    • It's a bit surprising that Von was chosen for a card -- they could have picked 1975 NL Rookie of the Year John Montefusco instead
  • 1976 Highlights:
    • Joshua spent a couple of months with the Giants and batted .263 in 42 games.
    • Sold to the Milwaukee Brewers on June 2
    • Batted .267 in 107 games for the Brewers


  1. I never even heard of this guy. So, I feel like I'm staring at a card from an alternate universe, where the star players of the 70's were completely different players....maybe in that universe, the Giants won the '75-'76 series and were called the Giant Orange Machine or something, I don't know. but this is the strangest superstar card I've ever seen.

  2. He was pretty much a one-year wonder.