Saturday, January 15, 2011

1976 Topps Traded #211T - Clay Carroll

  • After the 1975 season the Reds figured they had enough bullpen depth, so they traded Clay Carroll to the White Sox for Rich Hinton and a minor leaguer.
  • Carroll was 4-4 with six saves and had a 2.56 ERA in 29 games for the White Sox in 1976.
  • In 1976 Clay missed the entire month of July after he fractured his right hand in an accident at home.
  • Carroll was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals for Lerrin LaGrow during spring training in 1977, a move that saved the club some money. Carroll's salary was $100,000 at the time.
  • The White Sox unexpectedly contended for the AL West crown in 1977 so they reacquired Carroll in September.


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  1. Same as with Jim Spencer, a bad airbrush, but at least a shot of the player in the red and blue uniform.