Friday, March 26, 2010

1976 Topps #394 - Fran Healy

  • Fran Healy was a catcher in the major leagues from 1969-1978. Healy was signed by the Cleveland Indians in 1964 (according to Baseball Reference) or in 1965 (according to the back of this card). Fran played in Cleveland's minor league system from 1965-1968 without getting a call to the majors. The Kansas City Royals drafted Healy in the expansion draft and assigned him to AAA Omaha. Fran got a shot at the end of the 1969 season and it was pretty much all-or-nothing. In his ten at bats Healy struck out five times and got four base hits.

  • Healy was sent back to Omaha for the 1970 season and after the season was traded to the San Francisco Giants for Bob Garibaldi. Fran spent the 1971 season as the Giants' backup catcher and batted .280 in 93 at bats. He was not used by the Giants in the NLCS. Healy was the backup again in 1972 and batted .152 in 99 at bats. After the season Fran was traded to the Kansas City Royals for Greg Minton.

  • Fran got more playing time with the Royals. In 1973 he batted .276 in 279 at bats. Healy had his only season as a starting catcher in 1974. He played in 139 games and batted .252 with 9 HR. Fran caught both of Steve Busby's no-hitters--one in 1973 and one in 1974. Fran split time with Buck Martinez and Bob Stinson in 1975. Healy batted .255 in 56 games in '75.

  • Healy's playing time really diminshed in 1976. He played in only eight games in the first 5-6 weeks of the season (.125 in 24 at bats) and on May 16 Fran was traded to the New York Yankees for Larry Gura. He ended up in another situation where he wasn't going to play much since 1976 MVP Thurman Munson was the Yankee starting catcher. Fran batted .267 in 120 at bats for the Yankees in 1976 but wasn't used in the postseason.

  • Healy got very little playing time in 1977 --- Munson played in 149 games that season. Fran batted .224 in 27 games and again wasn't used in the postseason. In 1978 Healy struck out in his only at bat and was released by the Yankees on May 16.

  • After his playing career Healy had a long career as a broadcaster in New York. He started in 1979 as a Yankees radio broadcaster and continued with them through the 1983 season on both radio and televsion. From 1984-2005 Fran did broadcasts for the New York Mets. He now hosts "The Game 365" on MSG Network.

  • Liked to face: Terry Forster (.455 in 11 AB); Pat Dobson (.429 in 14 AB); Bill Lee (.400 in 25 AB)

  • Hated to face: Bert Blyleven (.071 in 14 AB); Nolan Ryan (.095 in 21 AB); Catfish Hunter (.125 in 24 AB)

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