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1976 Topps #380 - Bobby Bonds

  • Bobby Bonds really moved around a lot in the latter part of his career. He played 14 seasons in the majors from 1968 through 1981 and ended up playing for eight different teams. Bonds was signed by the San Francisco Giants in 1964. He played in the minors from 1965-1968 and was called up to San Francisco after batting .370 in the first three months of 1968 for the AAA Phoenix Giants.

  • Bonds played in 81 games in 1968 and batted .254. In 1969 Bobby led the NL in runs (120) and strikeouts (187) while batting .259 with 32 HR and 90 RBI. Bonds batted .302 with 26 HR and 78 RBI in 1970 while scoring 134 runs and leading the NL in strikeouts again with 189. The Giants weren't sure whether to use Bonds at the leadoff spot to take advantage of his speed or to bat him further down in the order to take advantage of his power.

  • The Giants won the NL West in 1971, which was the only year in which Bonds would appear in the post season. Bobby did his part during the season by batting .288 with 33 HR, 102 RBI, and 110 runs scored. Bonds was 2 for 8 in the 1971 NLCS. Bobby also was an All Star for the first time (he appeared as a pinch hitter and struck out) and won his first Gold Glove award.

  • Bobby had a down year (for him) in 1972. He batted .259 with 26 HR and 80 RBI. He scored 118 runs and stole 44 bases in 50 attempts. Bobby's best season was probably 1973. He finished third in NL MVP voting, was an NL All Star (he homered and doubled in the game and was the game's MVP), and won his second Gold Glove. Bonds batted .283 with 39 HR and 96 RBI. He also led the NL with 131 runs scored. Bobby Bonds Takes A Giant Step Forward - December 1973 Baseball Digest

  • Bonds slipped a bit in 1974. He batted .256 with 21 HR and 71 RBI. He won the Gold Glove for the last time. After the 1974 season Bobby was traded to the New York Yankees for Bobby Murcer. This would begin the "transient" part of Bobby's career. It's A New Ballgame for Bobby Bonds - April 1975 Baseball Digest

  • Bonds had a good year for the Yankees in 1975. He batted .270 with 32 HR and 85 RBI and was an AL All Star (he didn't play in the game). After the 1975 season Bonds was traded to the California Angels for Mickey Rivers and Ed Figueroa.

  • Bobby was injured in 1976 and didn't play after August 8. He batted .265 with 10 HR and 54 RBI in 99 games in '76. Will This Be The Year for Bobby Bonds? - June 1977 Baseball Digest. Bonds bounced back in 1977 and batted .264 with 37 HR and 115 RBI. Bobby Bonds Pays Off with Speed and Power! - December 1977 Baseball Digest. After the 1977 season Bonds, Rich Dotson, and Thad Bosley were traded to the Chicago White Sox for Brian Downing, Dave Frost, and Chris Knapp.

  • Bonds didn't stay with the White Sox very long. He played in 26 games (.278, 2 HR , 8 RBI) before being traded to the Texas Rangers for Rusty Torres and Claudell Washington on May 16. Bobby batted .265 with 29 HR and 82 RBI for the Rangers. The 1978 season was Bobby's fifth (and final) 30 HR/30 SB season. After the 1978 season he was traded with Len Barker to the Cleveland Indians for Larvell Blanks and Jim Kern.

  • Bobby had his last good year in 1979. He batted .275 with 25 HR and 85 RBI. After not being able to come to terms on a new contract, Bobby demanded a trade. The Indians traded Bonds to the St. Louis Cardinals after the 1979 season for John Denny and Jerry Mumphrey. Bobby Bonds - The 'Goodbye Guy' - April 1980 Baseball Digest Bonds had a poor season for the Cardinals in 1980, batting only .203 with 5 HR and 24 RBI in 86 games. The Cardinals released Bonds after the 1980 season. .

  • Bobby signed with the Rangers as a free agent on April 17, 1981. He was assigned to the Rangers' AAA Wichita club and batted .244 in 35 games. The Chicago Cubs purchased Bonds on June 4. He started the game on June 4 but was injured in the first inning and came out of the game. Bobby's next action wouldn't come until August (after the strike). Bonds played in 45 games for the Cubs in 1981 and batted .215 with 6 HR and 19 RBI. Bobby was released after the 1981 season.

  • Bonds signed with the Yankees in May 1982. He went to AAA Columbus but batted only .179 in 28 games and was released in late June.

  • Bonds was a hitting instructor for the Indians from 1984-1987. He became a coach and a scout for the Giants when his son Barry signed with them in 1993.

  • Liked to face: Bob Stanley (.500 in 20 AB); Bob Veale (.450 in 20 AB); Steve Arlin (.378 in 37 AB)
  • Hated to face: Bill Travers (.000 in 19 AB); Lowell Palmer (.091 in 22 AB); Tom Seaver (.118 in 51 AB)

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