Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1976 Topps #392 - Checklist 265-396

Woo hoo -- a checklist! Here are a few questions:

  • Did you mark your checklists?
  • How did you mark your checklists? Did you fill the whole box or did you put a line or check through each box?
  • When sorting your cards, where did the checklists go?


  1. damn straight I marked my checklists. In fact, if I had more than one copy, I marked them too.

    filled up all those little boxes... and then put the checklist at the back of the stack, with one of my favourite goalies on top, then secured nice and tight with an elastic band.

  2. Yeah I marked mine too -- whole box instead of a checkmark.

    I had a section called "unknowns" that had the checklists, leader cards, multi-player cards, record breakers, etc.

  3. I certainly marked my checklists. I used pen for most of them. When I started to become aware of the "value" of cards I switched to pencil, like that made a difference.

    My checklists went in the back of the shoe box, behind the league leader and record breaker cards.

  4. I still mark my checklists!

  5. I marked 'em up too. Like yourself, I had a section in my old plastic card collecting case for checklists, multi-player cards, etc.