Monday, June 15, 2009

Thanks mrhaverkamp!

  • Three 1976 Topps cards arrived today, the product of a trade with mrhaverkamp at The Bench. They are #202 (AL ERA Leaders), #348 (Mickey Cochrane ATG), and #350 (Lefty Grove ATG). Now I'm five cards away from completing the 1976 Topps set!

  • The cards left are:

  • #48 Dave Concepcion

  • #345 Babe Ruth ATG

  • #500 Reggie Jackson

  • #525 Billy Williams

  • #650 Thurman Munson

  • Once I can get a hold of those cards, then Phase 2 of the 1976 Project (Kellogg's) will get underway. Then it's on to Hostess and SSPC.

  • By the way, I'm also working on an ambitious project to get a hold of as many NY/SF Giants cards as possible. I started a blog (called A Giant Blog) that will chronicle my adventures in collecting Giants cards. Right now all that is on there is a want list, but I'll post other stuff too. It won't be an "everyday" type of blog, but I'll post to it 2-3 times a week. :)


  1. Thanks for not being a 'Dodger' collector, Matt.....I'll go through my extra Giants (I have tons) and hit a lot of your wantlist! - mrhaverkamp