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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1976 Topps #659 - Ben Oglivie

  • Ben Oglivie was a major league outfielder and DH from 1971-1986. Oglivie was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in 1968. Ben played in the minors from 1968-1971 and was called up by the Red Sox in September 1971. Oglivie batted .267 in 14 games for Boston in '71.
  • Ben was a backup outfielder for Boston in 1972 (.293 in 94 games ) and in 1973 (.218 in 58 games). After the 1973 season Oglivie was traded to the Detroit Tigers for Dick McAuliffe.
  • Oglivie was a fourth outfielder and DH for the Tigers in 1974 (.270 in 92 games) and in 1975 (.286 in 100 games).
  • In 1976 Oglivie played all three OF positions as well as 1B and DH. Ben became the starting right fielder for the Tigers in 1977. Ben batted .285 with 15 HR and 47 RBI in 1976 and .262 with 21 HR and 62 RBI in 1977. Ben was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers for Rich Folkers and Jim Slaton after the 1977 season.
  • Ben spent the rest of his career with the Brewers and had his  best years for that ballclub. In 1978 Oglivie batted .303 with 18 HR and 72 RBI. Ben hit for more power in 1979, batting .282 with 29 HR and 81 RBI.
  • Oglivie had his best year in 1980. He was the starting LF for the AL in the 1980 All Star Game and went 0 for 2 with a walk. Ben won the Silver Slugger Award in LF in 1980 and batted .304 with a league-leading 41 HR and 118 RBI. Ben Oglivie Finds Stardom in Another Uniform - September 1980 Baseball Digest
  • Ben batted .243 with 14 HR and 72 RBI in the 1981 strike season. Oglivie went 3 for 18 (.167) in the 1981 ALDS.
  • The Brewers  made it to the World Series in 1982 and Oglivie was a big contributor to the club. Ben made the AL All Star team (he went 0 for 1 as a pinch hitter) and batted .244 with 34 HR and 102 RBI. Ben went 2 for 15 (.133) in the ALCS and 6 for 27 (.222) in the World Series.
  • Oglivie was an AL All Star again in 1983 (he struck out in his only at bat), but he was starting to tail off as a hitter. Ben batted .280 with 13 HR and 66 RBI in 1983.
  • Ben's last season as a starting LF was in 1984. He batted .262 with 12 HR and 60 RBI.
  • Oglivie was a backup outfielder and DH for the last two seasons of his career. In 1985 Ben batted .290 with 10 HR and in 1986 he batted .283 in 103 games. The Brewers bought out the last year of Oglivie's contract after the 1986 season.
  • Ben went to Japan to play in 1987 and in 1988. Oglivie was invited to spring training by the Brewers in 1989. Ben hurt his knee in spring training. He signed with AA El Paso but played in only two games. Later in 1989 Oglivie played for the Winter Haven Super Sox of the Senior Professional Baseball Association.
  • Oglivie has coached in the minors off and on since 1995. Ben will be the hitting coach for the West  Michigan Whitecaps (Detroit's Class A team) in 2011.
  • Liked to face: Pete Redfern (.500 in 28 AB); Rick Honeycutt (.474 in 19 AB); Geoff Zahn (.444 in 27 AB)
  • Hated to face: Dave Schmidt (.000 in 14 AB); Shane Rawley (.100 in 20 AB); Mike Flanagan (.115 in 26 AB)


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