Tuesday, July 6, 2021

1976 Kellogg's #55 - Pete Rose

* Another one of the "cards to get" for us in the mid 70s. This one definitely wouldn't have been put in the trade or flip piles.

* What did he do to deserve a 1976 Kellogg's card?
    * As the back of the card says, Pete bounced back from an off year (by his standards) to bat over .300 again.
    * World Series MVP in 1975.
    * Moved to third base partway through the 1975 season so that Sparky could put George Foster in the lineup and complete the Big Red Machine.

* 1976 Highlights:
    * Led the NL with 130 runs scored, 42 doubles, and 215 hits.
    * 4th in MVP voting
    * Started at 3B for the NL in the All Star Game and went 2 for 3 with a triple and a run scored.
    * Only batted .188 in the World Series, but got his second ring.


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