Sunday, July 4, 2021

1976 Kellogg's #54 - Steve Garvey

* I was a Reds fan at this time, so getting a Dodger card wasn't much fun. But Steve Garvey was one of the prime cards to get no matter what team he played for.
* What did he do to deserve a Kellogg's card?
- MVP award in 1974
- Had another good year in 1975, batting .319 with 210 hits.
- NL All Star both years.
* 1976 Highlights:
- Batted .317 with 200 hits, but it still seemed like an off year due to having only 13 home runs and only 80 RBI
- Made the NL All-Star team for the third straight year
- Third of four straight Gold Glove awards.


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