Sunday, March 27, 2011

1976 Topps Card of the Year - Semi-Finals

  • Johnny Bench and the Oscar Gamble Traded card advance to the semi-finals

  • The first semi-final round pits Pete Rose against the Kurt Bevacqua Bubble Blowing Champion card. Please pick your favorite. The top vote-getter will advance to the finals.

Pete Rose #240

Kurt Bevacqua Bubble-Blowing Champion #564


  1. Seriously, this is tough. As much as I love the Bevacqua bubble gum card, Pete Rose just stared me down until I caved and voted for him.

  2. This was a tough one for me too. The Pete Rose card was one of the most coveted cards in my neighborhood.

  3. Without that Bazooka bat-and-ball compass to measure, I could've sworn they airbrushed that bubble onto Kurt's face. He gets my vote!

  4. My vote is for Bevacqua. For two reasons:
    1) He didn't cheat in the gum contest. :)
    2) This was the card that completed my 76 set.