Friday, December 25, 2009

Secret Santa Goodies

McCann Can Triple from A Rookie (baseball) Card Collector organized a Secret Santa activity for our little blogosphere. It was fun for me to figure out what my blogger would like for Christmas. Hopefully he/she will like what I sent. Here is what I got:

At first glance one might say, "whoopee--a bunch of commons." But these cards complete my 1980 and 1981 Topps sets and get me much closer to filling the gaps in my 1975 Topps set (I need three more cards for that one). Cool!

An assortment of various Giants. Some from my wantlist (the Donruss and Fleer cards) and some that I hadn't heard of -- an Andres Galarraga jersey card, a very thick Fred Lewis autograph card, and a Bowman chrome Pablo Sandoval. I guess the two football cards were thrown in because Santa thought I was from the Bay Area (I'm actually from Phoenix).
Thanks for the cards, whoever you are! And thanks to McCann Can Triple for organizing this. I'm looking forward to doing this again next year. :)

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