Sunday, December 13, 2009

1976 Topps #295 - Dave Cash

  • Dave Cash was a second baseman for four teams from 1969-1980. Cash was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1966. He made his major league debut in late 1969 and batted .278 in 18 games.
  • Cash started the 1970 season in the minors and was brought up to the majors to stay in late May. He played in 64 games in 1970 and batted .314. He batted .125 in the NLCS. During this time the Pirates had Bill Mazeroski at the tail end of his career and Rennie Stennett coming up, so there was a bit of a logjam at second base. In 1971 Dave played in 123 games and batted .289. Cash batted .421 in the NLCS but only .133 in the World Series.
  • It looks like Dave had a couple of stints on the DL in 1972. He missed about 2 1/2 weeks in July and about 2 1/2 weeks in September. Cash played in 99 games and batted .282. He batted .211 (4 for 19) in the 1972 NLCS.
  • In 1973 Cash batted .271 in 117 games. The Pirates needed to decide who to keep (Stennett or Cash), plus they had Willie Randolph in their system. After the '73 season Cash was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies for Ken Brett. Dave had his best three seasons with the Phillies from 1974-1976. He was named to the NL All Star team in each of those seasons. In 1974 Dave led the NL in at bats and batted .300. He also started to get a few more doubles and triples (26 and 11 in 1974).
  • Cash led the NL in at bats again in 1975 and batted .305 with a league-leading 213 hits and 40 doubles. Dave also had a career-high 111 runs scored. In 1976 Cash led the NL in at bats (666) and triples (12) and batted .284. He also struck out only 13 times all season. In the 1976 NLCS Dave batted .308 in 13 at bats. After the 1976 season Cash became a free agent and signed with the Montreal Expos.
  • Dave had career highs in doubles (42) and stolen bases (21) and batted .289 in 1977. In 1978 Cash fell off offensively. He played in 159 games but his batting average dropped to .252. Cash didn't get as much playing time in 1979, appearing in only 76 games (47 at 2B and the rest as a pinch hitter/runner). He batted .321 in 187 at bats. After the 1979 season Dave was traded to the San Diego Padres for Bill Almon and Dan Briggs.
  • Cash played in 130 games in 1980 but his batting average plummeted to .227. He was released at the end of spring training in 1981.
  • After his playing career Dave did some coaching and managing in the minors. He was the first base coach for the Baltimore Orioles in 2006.
  • Liked to face: Bill Bonham (.365 in 72 AB); Bob Gibson (.375 in 56 AB); Jack Billingham (.450 in 40 AB)
  • Hated to face: Randy Jones (.190 in 58 AB); J.R. Richard (.146 in 48 AB); Steve Stone (.114 in 35 AB)

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  1. Dave Cash is credited with coining the Phillies rally motto of the time: "Yes We Can".

    One of the teams he coached for was the Phillies, which is a little surprising because I seem to recall that after 1976, he left the team (as a free agent) amid some bridge-burning.