Monday, November 9, 2009

1976 Topps #262 - Checklist 133-264

  • Ooh whee - a checklist.
  • When I was a kid there were about four of us around the block who collected cards. Jimmy collected mainly cards of teams that were good at the time (A's, Reds, Yankees, Dodgers) and he also liked Pirates cards since he was from the Pittsburgh area. Lupe was a big Reds collector. Brian liked the oddball cards (checklists, team cards, leader cards, etc.). I was the set collector in the group. I always tried to fill up those checklists.
  • This one isn't checked, which means it isn't one of my "originals." I probably picked up this card as an upgrade for an already really beat-up card. I have another upgrade in a box that I need to get into my notebook.
  • Checklists have their place, but I think they should have been unnumbered cards so that more real cards could be put in the set. The way Topps did the team checklists in 1974 was a good way to do it -- team checklists were inserted in packs and weren't very hard to get.

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  1. I love checklists man! and Team Cards too!

    Yeah, it's the set builder in me... hard to control sometimes