Monday, September 7, 2009

1976 Topps #199 - NL Victory Leaders

  • This card has seen better days. This must be one of my original cards that I got out of a pack in '76.
  • I wonder if this would be successful as a subset -- make a card of each team's all-time top three in each major category (homers, RBI, victories, etc.). Do one of the categories each season (this year homers, next year RBI, etc.). I think it would be fun from a baseball history standpoint and it'd be a fun subset to collect.
  • Tom Seaver led the NL in victories three times and won over 20 games five times. He won three NL Cy Young awards (1969, 1973, and 1975).
  • Randy Jones led the NL in victories in 1976 and won 20 or more games twice (1975 and 1976). He won the NL Cy Young award in 1976.
  • Andy Messersmith led the NL in victories once (1974). He won 20 or more games twice (1971 with the Angels and 1974).

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