Friday, August 21, 2009

1976 Topps #182 - Harry Rasumssen

  • This card threw me for a loop. I searched on for "Harry Rasmussen" and got nothing. I searched for "Rasmussen" and got three hits. One of the hits was Eric Rasmussen, who pitched for several teams from 1975-1983. He legally changed his name to Eric between the 1976 and 1977 seasons.

  • He was originally picked by the Boston Red Sox in the 1971 free agent draft but he didn't sign. Eric was then picked by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1973 draft. Rasmussen pitched in the minors in 1973 and 1974. He started the 1975 season in the minors and was brought up to St. Louis in July. Rasmussen was 5-5 with a 3.78 ERA in 13 starts in 1975. Eric pitched a shutout in his debut on July 17 against the San Diego Padres.

  • Eric was used as a fifth starter and a reliever in 1976. He pitched in 43 games (17 starts). Rasmussen was 6-12 with an ERA of 3.53. In 1977 Eric was 11-17 with a 3.48 ERA in 34 starts. He started the 1978 season with the Cardinals and was traded to the San Diego Padres for George Hendrick on May 26. Combined, Rasmussen was 14-15 with a 4.09 ERA for the two teams.

  • In 1979 Eric went back to a fifth starter/reliever role. He started 20 games and relieved in 25 more games. Eric's record was 6-9 with an ERA of 3.27. Rasmussen had the same role in 1980 (40 games, 14 starts) and was 4-11 with a 4.37 ERA.

  • Rasmussen didn't make the Padres in 1981 and was released in spring training. He hooked on with Yucatan of the Mexican League. Eric was purchased by the Cardinals in December 1981 but apparently didn't make the club in 1982. He was sold back to Yucatan in April. Eric pitched for Yucatan for a while and was purchased again by the Cardinals on August 11. He pitched a few games in the minors and then was called up to the Cards in September for the stretch run. In his first game back he got credit for a hold even though the only two batters he faced got base hits. Apparently someone was thrown out on the bases since he pitched 1/3 of an inning. Eric was 1-2 with a 3.33 ERA in eight games in 1982.

  • Eric started the 1983 season with the Cardinals but he appeared in only six games and was sent back to the minors in May. He went 8-1 in 11 starts with AAA Louisville then was purchased by the Kansas City Royals on August 2. In his first game in the American League he shut out the Boston Red Sox. Eris is still the only pitcher to pitch a shutout in his debut for both the NL and the AL. All together Rasmussen was 3-6 with a 5.67 ERA in 1983.

  • Rasmussen was released by the Royals after the 1983 season. He pitched for several minor league teams through the 1987 season but didn't make it back to the majors. Eric pitched for the Fort Myers Sun Sox of the Senior League in 1989 and 1990. Since he stopped pitching he has been a coach in the Cleveland Indians' system (1988-1990) and in the Minnesota Twins' system (1991-present). He is currently the Twins' minor league pitching coordinator.

Eric Rasmussen

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