Thursday, July 23, 2009

1976 Topps #152 - Leroy Stanton

  • Gotta love that gum stain on the back of this card! It's a character builder.
  • Leroy Stanton played outfield for three teams from 1970-1978. He started in the New York Mets' system in 1965. He played in the minors in 1965 and 1966, then there is a two-year gap in his stats. He was serving in the military during that time. Stanton resumed his minor league career in 1968 and played four more seasons in the Mets' system. He made four pinch hitting appearances for the Mets in late September 1970. Leroy showed he was ready for the bigs by batting .324 with 23 homers and 101 RBI for AAA Tidewater in 1971 and he had 23 at bats for the Mets at the end of the season.
  • After the 1971 season Stanton was traded to the California Angels with Nolan Ryan and two other players for Jim Fregosi. He became the Angels' starting right fielder and batted .251 with 12 homers and 100 strikeouts in 1972. Leroy didn't walk very much (he had a lifetime on base percentage of .311).
  • In 1973 Stanton batted .235 with eight homers in 119 games. Leroy batted .267 with 11 home runs in 1974. He probably had his best year for the Angels in 1975 (.261 with 14 homers and 82 RBI. Stanton slipped badly in 1976 and batted .190 with two homers in 93 games.
  • After the 1976 season Stanton was selected by the Seattle Mariners in the expansion draft. Leroy had his best season in 1977 -- he batted .275, hit 27 home runs, and knocked in 90 runs. He slipped again in 1978 and only batted .182 in 93 games.
  • Stanton played for Japan's Hanshin Tigers in 1979. He tried to come back in 1980 but was cut by the Mariners before the season. He signed with the Toronto Blue Jays before the 1981 season but didn't make the team.


  1. over half of my '76 set is like that. i pick up a card from someone, and they'll say "that's a near mint to mint card right there! $5 'cause it's so nice... rare in that kinda shape"
    I'll flip it over and say, "no thanks, it's stained really bad..."
    "oh yeah", they'll say, "well, how 'bout a quarter then?"

  2. A lot of these cards are my originals from '76. Even as I upgrade cards, I plan to hang on to some of these for sentimental reasons.