Saturday, September 24, 2011

1976 Hostess #105 - Dave Lopes

  • Here's another beat up Hostess card that I got from a lot on eBay.
  • Lopes was the first  Dodger to sign a contract for the 1976 season.
  • Before the 1976 season there was some talk of moving Lopes to shortstop and playing Ted Sizemore at second base. Dodger shortstop Bill Russell was mentioned in trade talks between the Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals for Reggie Smith, but he eventually stayed with the club.
  • Dave was still playing a little bit in center field in 1976. After the 1976 season Lopes would play all of his games but two at 2B until he moved to the Oakland A's in 1982.
  • In 1976 Lopes led the NL with 63 stolen bases and batted .241 in 117 games
  • Dave missed the first month of the 1976 due to a pulled muscle in his side that he suffered during spring training.
  • Before peak, peak, or after peak? early peak

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