Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1976 Topps Statistics

  • Time for some numbers on the 1976 Topps Baseball set:
  • If the Sporting News All Time All Stars are included, 43 Hall of Famers were featured in this set. If the All Time All Stars are removed, that number would go to 33. When I was originally collecting this set as a nine-year-old, I had no idea that many players would  make the HOF. There were some sure HOFers like Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson, but there were others who were just starting their careers like Robin Yount and Gary Carter.
  • Six pitchers went on to win over 300 games -- can you name them? (answer is on the bottom of this entry).
  • Eight players went on to get over 3000 hits -- can you name them? (answer is on the bottom of this entry).
  • Eight pitchers in this set struck out 3000 or more batters in their career -- can you name them?
  • Three players in this set hit over 500 career home runs -- can you name them?
  • Excluding the Sporting News All Stars and the Father/Son cards, 44 players in this set are deceased as of 6 April 2011. :(
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  • 300 wins: Tom Seaver, Don Sutton, Gaylord Perry, Phil Niekro, Nolan Ryan, and Steve Carlton.
  • 3000 hits: Pete Rose, Hank Aaron, Rod Carew, Robin Yount, Carl Yastrzemski, George Brett, Lou Brock, and Dave Winfield.
  • 3000 strikeouts: Tom Seaver, Don Sutton, Phil Niekro, Gaylord Perry, Steve Carlton, Nolan Ryan, Fergie Jenkins, Bert Blyleven
  • 500 home runs: Reggie Jackson, Mike Schmidt, Hank Aaron


  1. Does Frank Robinson count for 500 homers? Not sure - he may have a manager card and thus not be considered?