Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1976 Topps Card of the Year - Round 1, Group 1

  • It's time to choose a card of the year. I chose 64 cards to be included in the voting. About 45 of them were chosen by readers and I chose the other ones to fill out the field.

  • We'll do this eight cards at a time. Choose your four favorite cards from each group. The top half of each group will advance to the next round.

  • Here are the cards:

#620 Al Oliver

#278 Bernie Carbo

#627 Bill Plummer

#525 Billy Williams

#23 Brian Downing

#230 Carl Yastrzemski

#262 Checklist

#277 Chicago Cubs

  • The poll will be open for three days and then the next set of cards will appear for your vote.


  1. Man, you got the chaw (Plummer), the hair (Downing), the helmet (Oliver) and classic poses by Yaz and Carbo, plus the floating heads o' Cubs.


  2. Four of those are my favorites, but Yaz exceeds all of them by about 17 miles.

  3. Carbo, Plummer and Downing were easy for me. Tough call between Yaz and Parker, but I went Yaz.