Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1976 Topps #645 - Darrell Porter

  • Darrell Porter caught in the major leagues for 17 season. Porter was the first round draft pick of the Milwaukee Brewers in 1970. Darrell played in the minors from 1970-1972 and had brief stints with the Brewers in 1971 (.214 in 22 games) and in 1972 (.125 in 18 games).
  • Darrell split time with Ellie Rodriguez behind the plate in 1973 and batted .254 with 16 HR in 117 games. Porter finished third (behind runaway winner Al Bumbry and teammate Pedro Garcia) in AL Rookie of the Year voting in 1973. 
  • Porter took over the regular catching duties in 1974 and batted .241 with 12 HR. Darrell made the 1974 AL All Star team but didn't play in the game.
  • Darrell batted .232 with 18 HR in 1975. Porter had an offensive drop-off in 1976 and batted .208 with 5 HR. After the 1976 season Darrell was traded with Jim Colborn to the Kansas City Royals for Jamie Quirk, Jim Wohlford, and Bob McClure.
  • Porter had a comeback year in 1977, batting .275 with 16 HR. Darrell went 5 for 15 (.333) in the 1977 ALCS.
  • Darrell had another nice season in 1978 and made the AL All Star team for the second time (he was 0 for 1 in the game). Porter batted .265 with 18 HR and 75 RBI and finished 10th in AL MVP voting. Darrell went 5 for 14 (.357) in the ALCS.
  • The Royals didn't win the AL West in 1979, but Porter still had a good year. Darrell batted .291 with 20 HR and 121 RBI. He led the AL with 121 walks and was in double figures in doubles (23) and triples (10). Darrell was the starting catcher in the 1979 All Star Game and doubled in three at bats. Darrell Porter Joins A  Select Group of Catchers - January 1980 Baseball Digest
  • Porter struck out in his only at bat in the 1980 All Star Game. Darrell batted .249 with 7 HR and 51 RBI as he missed the first month of the season. Darrell had checked himself in to an drug/alcohol rehabilitation center during spring training. He was one of the first players to admit that he had a problem with substance abuse. Porter went 1 for 10 (.100) in the 1980 ALCS and was 2 for 14 (.143) in the World Series. After his time in the rehabilitation center Porter became a born-again Christian and became a spokesman for Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
  • After the 1980 season Darrell became a free agent and signed with the St. Louis Cardinals. Porter batted .224 in 61 games in the 1981 strike season.
  • Porter played  in 120 games in 1982 and batted .231 with 12 HR. Porter was 5 for 9 (.556) in the NLCS and was 8 for 28 (.286) in the World Series.
  • In 1983 Darrell batted .262 with 15 HR. Darrell Porter Has Faith - The Times-News March 12, 1983. In his last season as a regular player (1984) Darrell batted .232 with 11 HR. Porter wrote an autobiography (Snap Me Perfect!) in 1984 that detailed his battles with substance abuse.
  • Porter split time with Tom Nieto at catcher in 1985 (Darrell missed time with a broken toe and a broken thumb). Darrell batted .221 with 10 HR in 84 games during the regular season. Porter went 4 for 15 (.267) in the NLCS and was 2 for 15 (.133) in the World Series. Darrell was released after the 1985 season and signed with the Texas Rangers.
  • Porter was a part-time catcher and DH in the last two seasons of his career. In 1986 Darrell batted .265 with 12 HR in 68 games and in 1987 he batted .238 with 7 HR in 85 games. Porter was released after the 1987 season and retired.
  • After his playing career Porter did some broadcasting and was also in the antique business. Darrell had a relapse and was found dead outside his vehicle on August 5, 2002. He died of "toxic effects of cocaine."
  • Liked to face: Mike Krukow (.483 with 5 HR in 29 AB); Ron Schueler/Larry Christenson (.545 in 11 AB)
  • Hated to face: Floyd Bannister (.000 in 17  AB); Geoff Zahn/Jerry Koosman (.056 in 18 AB)


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