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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1976 Topps #617 - Darold Knowles

  • Darold Knowles had a 16-year career as a left-handed reliever. Knowles was signed by the Baltimore Orioles in 1961. Darold was a starting pitcher in the minors and won 16 games in AA in 1963. After pitching in the minors from 1961-1964 Knowles started the 1965 season with Baltimore. Darold got hammered in a couple of relief outings and was sent back to AAA. Knowles came back up in September and in all had an 0-1 record with a 9.20 ERA in five games in 1965.
  • After the 1965 season Knowles was traded with Jackie Brandt to the Philadelphia Phillies for Jack Baldschun. Darold had a good year with the Phillies in 1966 (6-5, 13 saves, 3.05 ERA in 69 games) but was traded to the Washington Senators after the season for Don Lock.
  • Knowles pitched for the Senators from 1967 until May 1971. He had several effective seasons and was an AL All Star in 1969. Knowles faced two batters in the third inning after Blue Moon Odom allowed five runs and retired  both of them. 
  • Darold's records while with Washington:
    • 1967 - 6-8, 14 saves, 2.70 ERA
    • 1968 - 1-1, 2 saves, 2.18 ERA (did not pitch after July 12)
    • 1969 - 9-2, 13 saves, 2.24 ERA
    • 1970 - 2-14, 27 saves, 2.04 ERA
    • 1971 - 2-2, 2 saves, 3.52 ERA
  • On May 8, 1971 Knowles was traded to the Oakland A's in a multi-player deal. Darold became an important part of the Oakland bullpen during the dynasty years. Knowles went 5-2 with 7 saves and had a 3.59 ERA for Oakland in 1971. Darold appeared in one game in the 1971 ALCS and pitched 1/3 of an inning.
  • In 1972 Knowles pitched in 54 games and was 5-1 with 11 saves and had a 1.37 ERA. He was not used during the 1972 post season due to a finger injury.
  • Darold was 6-8 with 9 saves and had an ERA of 3.09 in 1973. Knowles was not used in the 1973 ALCS but as the back of this card says, he was used in all seven games in the 1973 World Series. Darold had two saves and didn't allow a run in 6.1 innings.
  • Knowles and his teammates weren't very pleased with the quality of their 1973 World Series rings. Darold took the A's to arbitration after the '73 season and won his case.
  • Knowles wasn't quite as effective in 1974. He had a 3-3 record with 3 saves and had a 4.22 ERA. Darold was not used during the 1974 post season. After the 1974 season Knowles was traded with Bob Locker and  Manny Trillo to the Chicago Cubs for Billy Williams.
  • Darold was with the Cubs for two seasons. He didn't have a real good year in 1975 (6-9, 15 saves, 5.81 ERA), but he bounced back in 1976 (5-7, 9 saves, 2.89 ERA). After the 1976 season Knowles was traded to the Texas Rangers for Gene Clines and cash.
  • Knowles spent one season (1977) with Texas and was 5-2 with four saves and had a 3.22 ERA. After the 1977 season Knowles was purchased by the Montreal Expos.
  • Darold was with the Expos for one season. Knowles went 3-3 with six saves and had a 3.30 ERA for the Expos in 1978. After the 1978 season Darold became a free agent and signed with the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • Knowles had a 2-5 record with six saves and had a 4.07 ERA in 1979. Darold pitched in only two games in 1980 (0-1, 10.80 ERA) and was released on May 9. Knowles retired after his release from the Cardinals.
  • After his playing career Darold was a pitching coach in the minors and in the majors (Philadelphia Phillies from 1988-1989 and St. Louis Cardinals in 1983). He is now the pitching coach for the Dunedin Blue Jays.
  • Liked to face: Ted Simmons (.000 in 11 AB); Danny Cater (.074 in 27 AB); Carl Yastrzemski (.077 in 26 AB)
  • Hated to face: Pete Rose (.588 in 17 AB); Thurman Munson (.444 in 18 AB); Brooks Robinson (.417 in 24 AB)


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