Sunday, February 21, 2010

1976 Topps #361 - Detroit Tigers

  • The Tigers were still rebuilding in 1976. They weren't as bad as they were in 1975, but they were still a few years away from contending. The Tigers had some exciting young players (Mark Fidrych, Ron LeFlore) and some good established players like Rusty Staub, but they had some work to do.

  • Ralph Houk was in the third year of his 5-year tenure with the Tigers. The 1978 season was the only season in which the Tigers would finish above .500 during Ralph's time as manager. Houk managed a total of 20 years in the majors -- 11 years with the New York Yankees (1961-1963, 1966-1973), 5 years with the Tigers (1974-1978), and 4 years with the Boston Red Sox (1981-1984). After he stopped managing Houk worked in the Minnesota Twins front office for a few years before retiring for good at the age of 70 after the 1989 season. Houk is the oldest living former manager of a World Championship team (1962 Yankees).

  • Team record: 74-87, 5th in AL East (24 games behind New York)
  • Attendance: 1,467,020 (4th in AL)
  • Team batting: .257 (6th in AL)
  • Team home runs: 101 (5th in AL)
  • Team ERA: 3.87 (11th in AL)
  • Team fielding: .974 (11th in AL)
  • League leaders: Rusty Staub (games played - 161, double plays grounded into - 23); Mark Fidrych (ERA - 2.34, complete games - 24)
  • Gold Gloves: Aurelio Rodriguez (3B)
  • Awards: Mark Fidrych (Rookie of the Year)
  • All Stars: Mark Fidrych (starting pitcher); Rusty Staub (starting RF); Ron LeFlore (starting LF)

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  1. Ah, the 1975 Tigers. Prior to the dark ages of the Randy Smith era in this town, this was one of the worst teams in Tiger history.