Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1976 Topps #229 - Jerry Remy

  • Jerry Remy played mostly at second base for the California Angels (1975-1977) and the Boston Red Sox (1978-1984). He made one All Star team. His career was shortened by injuries.

  • Remy was drafted by the California Angels in 1971 and played in the Angels' system from 1971-1974. After batting .323 for El Paso and Salt Lake City in 1974 Jerry earned a promotion to the Angels in 1975. He batted .258 with 34 stolen bases in 147 games. Remy led the AL in times caught stealing with 21.

  • In 1976 Remy improved his battnig average to .263 in 143 games. He stole 35 bases and was caught 16 times. Jerry batted .252 in 154 games and stole 41 bases in 1977 for the Angels. After the 1977 season the Angels signed Bobby Grich so they traded Jerry to the Red Sox for Don Aase and cash.

  • Remy made his only AL All Star team in 1978, but he didn't get into the game. Jerry batted .278 in 148 games. On July 1, 1979 Jerry suffered an injury and played only twice from July 1-September 7. He batted .297 in 80 games. Remy was hurt again in 1980 and missed the last 2 1/2 months of the season. He batted .313 in 63 games.

  • Jerry returned to health in 1981 and batted .307 in 88 games in the strike-shortened season. In 1982 Remy played in a career-high 155 games and batted .280. He also stole 16 bases, which was the most he stole while with the Red Sox. Jerry's last full season was in 1983. He batted .275 in 146 games.

  • In 1984 Jerry was hurt again and didn't play after May 18. He batted .250 in 30 games. Remy was charged with a balk while playing second base on May 1, 1984. Marty Castillo of the Detroit Tigers had doubled. The Red Sox claimed he missed first base. Before pitcher Bruce Hurst threw the ball to 1B Mike Easler for the appeal, Remy had run behind first to back up the throw. Umpire Rocky Roe denied the appeal and called a balk on Remy. He cited rule 4.03 which states, "When the ball is put in play at the start of or during the game, all fielders other than the catcher shall be in fair territory."
  • Jerry was unable to get back on the field and was released by the Red Sox after the 1985 season.

  • Jerry has been a broadcaster with the Red Sox since 1988. He had a "very small, low-grade cancerous area" removed from his lung in 2008. He had some post-operative difficulties (an infection and pneumonia) and also suffered from a bout of depression after the operation. He took a leave of absence from the Red Sox but is now back broadcasting some ballgames.

  • He owns a hot dog stand (RemDawg's) and has a sports bar in Logan airport. He also runs a website (The Remy Report) and has written a few books.

  • Liked to face: Dennis Leonard (.350 in 60 AB); Jesse Jefferson (.405 in 37 AB); Jim Clancy (.410 in 39 AB)

  • Hated to face: Jim Palmer (.169 in 71 AB); Dennis Martinez (.176 in 51 AB); Vida Blue (.158 in 38 AB)

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